Thursday, December 14, 2006

My tryst with cannabis !!!

It hapened while i was in second year.....It was 'Shivaratri' and early morning myself along with a few seniors went to the Shiva Temple nearby .Afterwards ,we took the real "prasad" ...ladoos laced with 'bhang' ...tasted real bad(murde ko khila do to wo bhi tilmila uthe...get the picture!) ...I some how managed to eat 3 or 4 of them.I did not think much of it as even the previous year I had taken a few 'Laddoos' and there had been no effect whatsoever and this year i desperately wanted that something should hapen but what unfolded was beyond my wildest imagination... As we were returning back to the hostel.... I started feeling very happy(without reason ,ofcourse)...reached my room where my roommate(4th year guy)was watching a movie ...I didnt tell him anything and straightaway slumped on my bed ...This was the beginning of the end as I thought at that point of time....My head started spinning like never before....I felt like that I am being pulled in one direction like a rubber band but not being let free after that...I told my roommate that i am under the influence of 'bhang'(cannabis) but still very much in control...This news spread like wildfire in the hostel and i became a "celebrity"for the wrong reasons ...Almost all the boarders came to have a look ... By this time I started thinking that what if the Laddoos were poisonous,i pleaded with some seniors to take me to the hospital just in case (but no one listens to a mad person ,especially when he talks sense)...My heartbeat became very fast and i almost had a near death experience(not kidding)....I wanted to know about the other two guys who had also eaten the laddoos with me my dismay one was fast asleep and other was perfectly fine but for a slight headache ...At this point i knew that bhang was having an effect on me but still i tried talking sense.But no one seemed to believe even a word of what i was saying ...By evening the "bhang effect" had subsided somewhat ...But still it took me 3-4 days to come to grips that it was not a dream that i was watching while sleeping under the influence of cannabis.Come to think of it the dreams that i saw that day were so frighteningly real that sometimes i do wonder that whether that dream is continuing still !!!


Reeta Skeeter said...

This is a cute and funny one... i read it long time back though!

Anonymous said...

Shekhu,took you so long to try cannabis,did it?Tcchh...tcchh..
You should have hung out with me more often.