Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's wrong with electronic media ???

For the last month or so ,the news channels have been besotted with the Aarushi murder case.No doubt ,the murder was most foul and done in a diabolical manner.There were no clear motives and this gave the electronic media a licence to go berserk with wild theories and conjectures about the twin murders.
The news channels have sequentially tried to hold a parallel trial and proclaim people guilty even before the investigations have been completed.The freedom of speech and expression has been abused by the news channels and there appears to be an urgent need for some kind of regulatory mechanism to be put in place which holds news channels accountable for the trash they are dishing out to the unsuspecting viewers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dislocating My Jaw ...

Somehow I have managed to dislocate my jaw ,unintentionally of course.It happened on friday morning and while brushing my teeth i observed that something was amiss in the way my upper jaw was meeting the lower jaw.It is supposed to come down in a straight line but i could sense that it was tracing a curvilinear path and making a clicking noise and paining as well.Since at that point of time i had no idea that it was dislocation of my jaw that was causing me pain ,i tried to open my mouth wide repeatedly oblivious of the fact that with each opening and closing of mouth i was aggravating my condition.
I was thinking that the pain would subside in a day or two but when it didn't ,alarm bell started ringing .Believe me i have a fear of dentist and i can count on my fingers the few times i have gone for a dental examination .Last time was in April this year and the visit resulted in filling up of numerous cavities.The process was not lengthy by any means but thoroughly unpleasant.You have to lie down with your mouth wide open and the dentist drills his way into your teeth and at that same time a kind of pump keeps spraying something into your mouth.Enough of this nightmarish flashback,coming back to the dislocation of jaw which is far more prestigious problem to have.Everybody at home was concerned once it became known that i have dislocated my jaw ,and for some reason i was feeling glad.There are very few medical conditions ,if any ,which have this kind of effect.I searched the internet and found that jaw dislocation is not to be taken lightly , it can have serious consequences.
Today ,i went to the dentist and what i was thinking to be a dislocation turned out to be mere displacement .Clever wordplay by the dentist to rob me off of my sense of importance concerning my medical condition.When i told my boss that i had dislocated my jaw with a smile ,she was at a loss and asked me to get it checked as soon as possible.Even the person working nearby stared at me for some time in awe. I know displacement is not going to earn me any respect!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

No work !!!

I am no workaholic,in fact i like lazing around.But today i had nothing to do the whole day and it was pretty frustrating.I feel that it always is better if you have something to keep u occupied.We all crib about the workload and stuff ,but even in school and college i found that as soon as exams were over,things were not much fun afterwards even though one used to look forward to days without exam fever.
Another phenomena that i got reminded of today was the sleepiness that one used to experience while attending classes.I remember that in college while attending some(most,actually)lectures one felt like dozing off but as soon as one heard the bell ringing,it used to rejuvenate us.But then again the next lecturer used to undo the rejuvenation withing 5-10 minutes and the cycle got repeated.I called up a friend and asked his opinion about my frustration due to lack of work.I wanted to make sure that it is not a sign of some kind of mental disequilibrium or worse.To my relief he told me that he also has days without any work and that too for weeks but soon after work comes flooding.So make hay while the sun shines .I agree !!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sir, Meetha ???

Today morning i made my monthly visit to the barber shop in the vicinity.It is 10 minutes walk from my home and the service is quite okay,though even now i am not sure of their rates which vary from person to person as per my observation.Since the barber who had taken it upon himself to cut my hair to size was giving final touches to his previous client ,i had to wait and to make my wait a little less frustrating he offered me tea :
barber :sir ,chai lenge aap ?
me :nahi(formality wala)
barber : le lijiye sir ,hum bhi pi lenge
me :(i realised that now i have to agree for his and my sake)theek hai
barber:sir meetha ?(i did not hear 'kitna')
me :nahi koi jarurat nahi hai(i was wondering ki aaj yeh itna takalluf kisliye as i equated meetha with offer for sweets)
barber:(surprised look)sir cheeni bilkul nahi ?
me:(tried to mask my embarrassment with a smile)accha,ek chammach chalega ,maine socha meetha as in mithai
barber:are sahab woh bhi manga lenge agar aap bolte hain to

While drinking my tea mixed with embarrassment,i heard people discussing what else but the most sensationalised account of a young girl's murder.There has been so much coverage, and most of it unwarranted, by TV news channels that it has now become sickening to hear newsanchors go on and on about the murder.Its the duty of media to report and raise awareness about issues ,but what we see in this 'murder most foul' case is a total lack of sensitivity in media reporting.Theories have been concocted out of thin air,people have been presumed guilty and lot of sleaze has been dished to the unsuspecting viewers.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Poetic Injustice !!!

Roger Federer lost and badly at that to Rafael Nadal ,who is got to be one of the best clay courter in a long long time.Everyone will go on and on about how Federer has lost three times in a row to Nadal ,but reaching the final thrice in a row on a surface not amenable to his style of play is no mean achievement.Anyway,Federer remains a champion player and if not for Nadal would have had a French Open title by now for sure.He has promised that he would be back next year ,one only hopes that he puts up a better show then.
Coming to my mundane life which has become little bit more active because of the job that i have taken up.For the last week i did hardly any work but was rewarded with tea for my lack of efforts.And today when i really sweated(reason being somewhat different as i had no clue about what i was asked to do by boss n it being a simple task compounded my agony !)i was denied my share of tea.Sometimes it does appear that there is no justice in this world !(Roger would agree)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pehla Haftaa ...

Finally, after four long years of sitting at home and doing precious little i have joined the ranks of employed people.The first week of work or should i say lack of it has been a learning experience nonetheless.The work is in the field of 'corporate social responsibility' and which is something that holds the possibility of providing not only professional but also personal satisfaction of having contributed not just to oneself or the company but to people at large.
The office is twenty minutes of slow drive from my home and office timings are 10 am to 6 pm.I have to report to my superior who herself is the CSR head of the company and having good deal of experience plus a zeal towards work.I am looking forward to making a positive difference in whatsoever little way i can.