Friday, September 21, 2007

Bridge the gap ,dont break it !

A new controversy has appeared on Indian political scene in the shape of Sethusamudram ship canal project.People are neatly divided on two sides,those who support the project harp on its economic benefits and those who are against focusing on the religious angle.
Whether the so called "Adams Bridge" was built by Lord Ram's army on its way to Lanka is besides the point.Mythology has its own significance and cannot be subjected to scientific criterion.This is true for all religions whether it be the miracle of turning water into wine or the promise of virgins in heaven (motivating some misinformed suicide bombers)etc.It seems Mr.Karunanidhi has lost his sense.For a man who claims to be rational ,his demand of civil engineering degree from Lord Ram is in poor taste.Matters of faith are best kept apart from politics.If BJP is at fault for bringing religion into this issue,karunanidhi is doubly wrong in hurting the sentiments of hindus.He is a self proclaimed atheist,no problem with that, but what right does he have to make such scornful statements.He is a fit case for lunatic asylum for demanding civil engineering degree from Lord Ram.
As for the project ,it should be given the go ahead or shelved depending on whether the environmental damage caused by it would be worth the trouble.If the coastal areas become more vulnerable to tsunami and marine eco system gets destroyed it would be a mega disaster.If the name of Lord Ram can save the environment ,so be it .

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Twenty 20 !!!

The twenty twenty world cup currently underway in South Africa promises to be a big success after the damp squib in West Indies.For one, the duration of the tournament and the format of the game are just right to sustain interest.The world cup in Windies was a prolonged torture with hardly any excitement after India and Pakistan packed their bags.Twenty 20 on the other hand is fast and made for the viewer.No team holds a big advantage over the other teams as was shown by Zimbabwe and Bangladesh in defeating higher ranked teams.
While test cricket will retain its niche, 20-20 is going to cannibalize its cousin ,the ODIs.It suddenly doesn't seem to make much sense playing 50 overs a side when you can have double the fun in less than half the time.Last night`s encounter between India and Pakistan was a cracker of a game.After Ajit Agarkar had done his level best to lose the game by giving seventeen runs in the penultimate over,it was Pakistan's unparalleled talent to self-destruct that came to India`s rescue.Its time to bid goodbye to one day internationals ...

Left is not right ....

The kind of vociferous protests by the left parties over nuclear deal , SEZs,disinvestment issue and so on have brought the UPA government to its knees time and again.The left parties claim to support the govt. from outside ,but it is less of a support and more of a blackmail.The left parties preach one thing in New Delhi and practice its opposite in their bastions of W.Bengal and Kerala.The CPI(M) has gone out of its way to bring foreign investment in West Bengal but is opposed to the same when it comes to the rest of India.Surely something that works for WB cannot be all that bad for other parts.
The standoff between govt. and the left parties has cleared the ground for a likely general elections.While the elections are going to be a drain on the exchequer and it is highly unlikely that any party or coalition would get anywhere near the majority mark,even then it is preferable to have elections rather than having the Left parties dictate the national agenda.The leftists are living in a time warp.They are following an ideology which has been shunned even by their biggest role model ,i.e., China.