Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Mercy !

Assam is burning and the fire ,as always, has been lit by ULFA.There was a time when this outfit had some lofty ideals and enjoyed mass support from the Assamese people.But with time the outfit has compromised on its ideology and at present it works under the command of its ISI masters and Bangladesh.It has no option but to toe the line of Bangladesh military as its existence dependes upon their overt and covert suport.All the top leaders of ULFA (Paresh Baruah,Anoop Chetia) are safely ensconced in Bangladesh and running successful business there.
The act of killing hindi-speaking Bihari labourers in cold-blood reflects the poverty of ideology in ULFA.There is not a murmur of protest from ULFA on the issue of illigal immigration from Bangladesh which is an immediate threat to the state and its people.The demography of most districts in Assam barring upper Assam has undergone a dramatic change and has made the indigenous people a minority in their own backyard.The time is not far when Assam will become a muslim majority state if the illegal immigration from across the border continues unabated.The formation of Assam United Democratic Front ,a political outfit, for all purpose representing Bangladeshi immigrants and the fact that they were able to win ten seats in the assembly elections is a disturbing development and would have serious repercussions in future for the state as well as the country.In fact, the targeting of Biharis(mostly labourers eking out a living away from their home) is part of a sinister ploy to replace them with Bangladeshi immigrants.
The demands of ULFA relating to the sovereignty of Assam is foolhardy because what the people of Assam need is development and that can only come about in a climate of peace.Moreover,an independent Assam would always be at the mercy of countries like China and Bangladesh.An independent Assam is simply not viable politically ,geographically and economically and also not in the best interest of Assamese people who are as much Indians as anybody else in any other part of India.ULFA cannot also claim to represent all the sections of Assamese society.The violence unleashed by ULFA is the biggest stumbling block for Assam and its pecae-loving people.There is a groundswell of anger against ULFA and its violent activities this time around.The government must not let this opportunity go by to crush ULFA and crush it for good.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Yet Another Republic Day !

Today ,we are celebrating 58th year of our republic.For all purpose,we are at crossroads at this point in time,as a nation we have achieved much in certain areas but still a lot remains to be done, especially in areas like universalisation of primary education and access to health care for all.
Going abroad has become a fashion for youth and most people ,given a chance, would like to settle in US or some western european country.While no one can fault them for exercising their right to emigrate to a place of their liking , but a question does arise that why people want to leave India.India is registering impressive GDP growth rate but the growth is by no means inclusive.India`s success story in the economic front has bypassed a large majority of its population.Agricultural sector which employs the most people is in absolute distress.This makes India ripe with potential for all kinds of social tension which does erupt regularly in the form of riots etc.
In recent times the menace of terrorism has ben rearing its ugly head with an uncanny regularity.While ,till a few years back terrorism was restricted to J&k and NortEast ,but now the whole of India is on their radar.Infact ,the lax attitude of government while dealing with these localised problems for long has allowed terrorists to spread their web far and wide.
The terrorists have succeded in creating a fear psychosis among the general public with help from tv news channel who are always on the look out for a story and conveniently make one where there is none.Every major occasion like Republic Day,Independence Day or any religious festival sends the security establishment in a state of tizzy lest something untoward happens.I,myself,felt a sense of relief after the republic day celebrations passed off peacefully and i do think that many of us share the same apprehensions whenever a big occasion is round the corner.
One only hopes that we become a republic in the true sense of the term ,where everybody irrespective of their background would have equality of opportunity and there will not be any need for resorting to violence.Each one of us will have to share the responsibility as it is very easy to criticise politicians ,but how many of us even vote ,i m 25 and have not voted even once and i know that i am in a majority of educated people who criticise but dont vote.Come next elections ,i am changing my status from a non-participant observer...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


KBC-3 is back and with a bang.If anyone could have filled up the big boots of Amitabh and hoped to match his charisma,not many names come to mind other than Shahrukh Khan.While Amitabh was always polite and humble to a fault,Shahrukh has been cheeky to say the least.He surely made people laugh with his antics and is sure to attract the youngsters to the show.While comparisons are almost always unfair and subjective ,here Shahrukh may just trump the Big B with his spontaniety and youthful energy.
KBC has been largely responsible for making general knowledge and quizzing popular with the masses.Siddhartha Basu`s Mastermind India , Derek 'o' Brien`s Bournvita Quiz contest and a very popular quiz show hosted by a sikh gentleman on Doordarshan long time back(can't remember the name ) remain some of the most memorable quiz shows.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


The alleged racial remarks on Shilpa Shetty by her fellow contestants has for all purpose triggered a hornet`s nest.The electronic media has ,as always, gone overboard in its coverage of the issue.The issue has been blown so much out of proportion that everybody who is anybody has commented on the issue.One can appreciate the ridiculousness of the situation even more when one sees Britain`s Chancellor of the Exchequer,Gordon Brown and India`s Finance Minister P.C.Chidambaram being forced to comment on the non-event.
It is a fact that racial prejudice runs deep and wide ,not just in Britain but also in India.Not saying it overtly does not mean that racial prejudices do not exist.Look at any of the matrimonial advertisements and one will come across the 'fairness fixation'in Indian society.Prejudices cannot be removed solely through legislation or use of force.It can be done by breaking the stereotypes and promoting people to people contact belonging to diverse groups.
Coming back to Shilpa Shetty issue,she should have ignored the barbs or given those abusing her a taste of their own medicine.Taking offence at being called 'the Indian' beats me ,does she not consider herself Indian or what and moreover she could have called them by their nationality.
Finally ,Reality TV has got to show reality ,however unpleasant it may be .We may not like to admit it but all of us are prejudiced one way or the other !