Sunday, April 19, 2009

The White Tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga is a wonderfully written book which is so readable,full of wit,sarcasm and biting reality. I generally keep away from critically acclaimed books and especially Booker winners but this book is nothing of the sort.It tells the story of one Balram Halwai and his letters to the visiting Chinese Premier(Wen Jiabao) detailing his exploits and the reality of two India's - one inhabited by the rich and full of choices and the other India which is ridden with poverty and where there is no choice but to exist in drudgery.The wicked humour of the narrator keeps one company throughout the book and the book is a joy to read.
In fact the book details Delhi in quite detail and the mention of PVR Saket, Greater Kailash ,South-Ex and Gurgaon adds to the experience for those of us familiar with Delhi.A book that entertains and pains because it brings out the stark realities of life.A book that needs not to be just read but understood.


Reeta Skeeter said...

whoa...shall read this one SOMEDAY :)

mazak said...

@ reeta skeeter ... its a must read and u will enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

i guess reta skeeter is herself a book lover herself and i somehow have this doubt that she'll like this particular book. i don't know, i just feel so.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly a good read, and an easy one at that too.

But I didn't really like the narrative style of the author. It was interesting, clever, humorous and made me think but it lacked something. It didn't move me the way some books have.

Shalini Karbak...your Tezu neighbour : )

mazak said...

@ Shalini ... what a pleasant surprise :)

Sushma Thota said...

I read that book moost of the book is about criticising Indian system, women, etc.
It's not entertaing at the same time it makes you feel bad. U can't learn much from this book.
BUT the title is Superb. I like that title description in the book.